Douglas McCoy is the author that created the World’s First Series of Books designed specifically for both Right and Left Brain Reader. Douglas hated reading as a kid, so he decided to make reading more interesting and fun. Doug has applied several spead learning and retention techniques to developed his amazing inspiring series of books to motivate the desires for success, greatness, happiness and a more satisfying life, as Doug assists to ReCreate his readers to change their lives and take them from where they are to where they dream of being.

How can YOUR BRAIN help YOU ReCREATE Yourself and how can YOU get the best results from it?

I’ll tell YOU how;


I really want to help YOU discover and learn as YOU read my books. I have written them for YOU to get a lot of life changing experiences and benefits that YOU can understand and implement into YOUR Life to ReCREATE YOURSELF into the BEST YOU, YOU can possibly be.

YOU will have noticed that this book and others of my books are written differently to any other books that you have read before. My books are a result of my insight and understanding of how YOUR BRAIN works and how to get the most out of it and put the best into YOUR Brain. My books are written with a unique approach and ground breaking techniques in writing books, so more people can be helped to understand and even desire to keep interested in reading the good books.

Comments have been made: “Doug McCoy’s Books are More FUN, More Impressionable, have More Impact, More Memorable, Easier to Recall, More Interesting, absolutely FASCINATING!!! ”

Please realise that I have chosen to spend so much more time in preparing my books for YOU, with lots of Cartoons and Graphics and then invested so much more time and effort, plus the extra expense to have them all in nice colourful bright colors. I used the rainbow like colors to help stimulate YOUR Brain and enhance YOUR learning and comprehension, while they make YOU feel GOOD, even fabulous, happy and refreshed as YOU read. This technique I have developed in writing my books is completely different in that it creates the feeling good and uplifting mood as YOU read and learn.

YOU would know and understand that “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” so I have colourful, fun, light-hearted, pictures to help YOU learn and stimulate YOUR mind and more of YOUR senses, producing greater RESULTS for YOUR ReCREATION and increase YOUR desire to read and learn more.


Several of my books are relating to YOUR Self Image and Personal Development. I figure; what is the use of teaching YOU many principles and leaving out the FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES of Re-CREATION? It is vital for YOU to obtain the greatest benefits from my books and assist YOU to know:


If YOU have been reading my other books, I would suggest you apply the very principle that:

Repetition is the core of learning”.

Read and re-read these FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES over and over and over until they are natural characteristics YOU can use daily and they are YOUR absolute Keys, and fundamental to YOUR Skills designed to bring about changes for improvement and growth in YOUR Life.

READ, ENJOY and LEARN Color YOUR World; look for the JOY in each Cartoon character and keep breathing slow, steady and deep as YOU read and stimulate YOUR Senses, YOUR BRAIN and YOUR Countenance, as these colors and cartoons affect YOUR Whole System. As YOU enjoy the Variety, Colors, Ideas, Thoughts, Cartoons, Character and Symbols mixed in with these lessons, they will assist to provide: humour, inspiration, uplift and stimulate YOU to ENJOY, LEARN, FEEL BETTER and BENEFIT more as YOU read. HOW COOL Is It To use YOUR Right and Left Brain as YOU enjoy Reading andLearning ?


You can see some of the benefits and results that come from the extra features we included within this book:

CARTOONS = Stress-Relief, Fun, Visuals, Relate meanings, Attitude, Laughter, Happiness…

FUN = increases Humor, Smiles, Happiness, Joy, Memory, Laughter, Attitude…

COLORS = Affect YOUR Mood, Vibrations, Emotions, Breathing, Senses while Stimulating YOUR Brain, Attitude, Happiness, Health…

WARM COLORS = Positively impact on YOUR Creativity, Happy Feelings, Attitude and better Health…

REPITITION = Is the Mother of Learning, knowledge, confidence…

RIGHT and LEFT BRAIN = are Stimulated, used, affected, greater learning, impact, and engaged through all these techniques…

COMBINE THESE TECHNIQUES = to multiply the Impact, Effect, Power, Change, Learning, Attitude, Happier, Health and all of the above…


To HELP YOU: This book, should be read and re-read over and over again, until YOU can finally catch on and apply the ReCREATION Life Changing concepts that are not new, but timeless in nature and life changing though their effects, as YOU grasp and use these techniques in YOUR daily life. I applied these techniques so you would enjoy the book even more as you learn more through each reading experience. YOU have a photographic mind and these images can make indelible impressions on YOUR minds.

As you read YOU can discover many of the reasons I design my books like this to give YOU maximum assistance for change and YOUR benefits:

Do YOU have One Brain or Two?

You actually have one brain. However, the cerebral hemispheres are divided right down the middle of the right and left hemisphere. Each hemisphere appears to be specialized for specific behaviors. The hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick band of 200 – 250 million nerve fibers called the corpus callosum. (A smaller band of nerve fibers called the anterior commissure also connects parts of the cerebral hemispheres.)


Are you right-handed or left-handed? As you probably know, about 90% of the population is right-handed – they would prefer to use their right hand for ballistic skills, such as throwing a ball, writing or swinging a hammer, which are strongly right-handed, while fine motor skills without a rapid sequence of movements are considerably less specialized. For example, threading a needle is only 77 percent right-handed.

So if this describes your preference to use your right hand you should see and read the rest of this section on your powers and skills of Your Right and Left Brain. FREE.


for :

So if you desire to learn much more about:

  1. Right or Left Hand Dominants and consider “Ambidextrous.”
  2. Dominant Eye and Dominant Ear which is referred to as your “Sidedness”.
  3. How this Dominance affects your personality, abilities, skills, desires and learning styles.
  4. YOUR Left and Right Brain Processing System.
  5. Skills and Strategies for the Left Hemisphere.
  6. Dominant Functions of the Right Hemisphere.
  7. Learning Which Requires both Hemispheres.
  8. Bloom’s System of Six Levels of Complexity of Thought.
  9. 4 Simple Steps I have found to further stimulate YOUR CREATIVITY.
  10. How to use the 4 B’s to stimulate Creativity.
  11. How to FEEL and be HAPPY?
  12. The effects of Colors on Your Brain and Life’s Results.

Functions of YOUR Right and Left Hemisphere

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