The Ultimate Achievement System

Release The Greatness Within YOU!

This list of recordings are now available and growing. These unique recordings are tailored for those who want to operate at a Super High Achiever Level of consciousness. They each focus with clarity on the specific areas of your life you may choose from the current list, or chosen requests, you can order.

This new Right and Left Brain stimulated Brainwave conditioning is now available for YOU to ReCreate Yourself in the areas; goals, habits and characteristics you choose.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Our List is growing, but if we haven’t tailored a ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ CD Sets for your specific needs, just place an order, so we can develop a CD Set Specifically for YOUR NEEDS.

These ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ CD Sets draw on the same science used by Leading Sports Achievers, Educators, High-powered CEOs, the US Military and advanced Healthcare providers to acquire optimum brain state for both Right and Left Brains stimulation to achieve peak performance, create change, to alleviate stress and insomnia.

The Ultimate Achievement System

These ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ CD Sets are designed for the ReCreation of higher self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence and progressive achievers thinking. PLUS MORE…

Douglas McCoy has been working with James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh”, Dr William Tanner “Thought Dynamic’s” and Dr Les Cunningham’s “Mind Mastery Techniques” to develop the most advanced Brain Training System in the world today. . . The Ultimate Achievement System is now made available for YOU and YOUR Loved ones – in: The ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ Recordings.

The ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ recordings are designed for Brain Fitness and Conditioning, specifically tailored to be a safe, simple and passive experience for YOU in each area of your life.

YOUR Human Performance Formula for SUCCESS

To use any of the LIST of these ReCreation Strategic Recordings, all YOU do is relax and close your eyes, while YOUR ReCreation Mind Systemdoes the rest. We use our Human Performance Formula for SUCCESS to assist your psychological state to ReCreate how you Think – Feel and Act.

The ReCreation Mind System is encoded with Rhythm – Relaxation – Music and Autosuggestion to flood your mind with desired results, which produces: “Great thoughts in – produce great results out in your real life.”

Douglas McCoy has organised and implanted these gentle rhythms, tunes, pulses, sound and music imbedded with the Behavior Modification Messages pulsating uplifting affirmations and goals through both YOUR Right and Left Brain and directly into YOUR Sub-conscious Mind. YOU are quickly guided into the desired mental state, and Brain Wave providing a virtual oasis within YOUR Mind.

Unlike other recordings designed for this purpose, Douglas McCoy’s ReCreation Strategic Mind Systems audio sessions are not just one CD. These superior products are designed to cover YOUR real needs to acquire the actual ReCreation YOU have set YOUR Goals to accomplish by design. YOU will receive a Full Set of 3 Recordings or more to cover the full spectrum and system to use at specific times for maximum results:

Amazing Effects and Results from the Set of 3 Recordings:

Douglas McCoy is teaching us the Benefits of: Affirmations, Visualization, Assumption – Assertion, Behaviour Modification Programs. If you are unable to get to Douglas McCoy’s Seminars then his CD’s and Books will help YOU to discover there is simply no limit to how good YOU can feel and what YOU can achieve.

If YOU WANT to achieve MORE in less time while feeling happier and alive, plus a more vibrant life, this ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ is the answer for YOU!



The ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ CD Sets have been developed from studies, research and the enormous success with these world leading techniques combined.

The Choice of CHAMPIONS – World Records have been rewritten, Olympic Records have been chattered, plus company and personal achievements have changed lives and RESULTS.


To learn more on the key pioneers of this ReCreation Strategic Mind System™ who worked with Douglas McCoy and Coached and Mentored Doug, those inspired geniuses who passed on their amazing techniques and systems. Go to Douglas McCoy’s Book websites and look under the Products and CD’s for:

The Ultimate Achievement System”